Interesting Projects

I have been fortunate to work with great people on some interesting projects. Here are some of those projects where I had a leadership role.

Agile Transformation

Led an enterprise wide agile transformation, resulting in greater customer engagement, frequent delivery of business value, ability to quickly respond to business needs and optimized rollout risk.

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Compliance Service

Industry-leading portfolio compliance integrated into trading workflow.

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Data Architecture Modernization

Modernized the data architecture capabilities to promote data governance, and enable advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Enterprise DevOps Pipeline

A sophisticated, automated software production line enabling efficient delivery from concept to customer.

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Enterprise JIRA Reporting

Flexible reporting across JIRA projects, useful for teams and the enterprise to view holistic reports relevant for the team, project budget, or developer.

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Enterprise Technical Architecture Program

Enterprise Technical Architecture Program for managing strategy, standards, innovation, and technical debt.

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Kozzet is an innovative hospitality platform that empowers guests by allowing them to order what they want, where they want, and how they want.

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Portfolio Risk Information System Management, a global investment management platform eliciting digital transformation.

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Production Control

Enterprise job monitoring, alert escalation, and teleconference management that ensured systems were fully operational and meeting business expectations.

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