Agile Transformation

According to Forbes, the proper response to digital disruption is agility. Agile empowers employees, responds to ambiguity, and embraces change. It has grown beyond IT, and can benefit the whole organization.

Learn Agile in 15 minutes

This program:

  • Engaged Certified Scrum Trainers to train and coach staff – both IT and business leaders
  • Reorganized staff to create effective teams
  • Regularly assessed agile maturity of teams, and outlined steps for improvement
  • Created a Community of Practice to gather feedback from teams, share best practices, and discuss challenges
  • Revised policies that were inconsistent with the agile mindset

Benefits included:

  • Created high performing agile teams
  • Greater customer engagement and transparency into activities and priorities
  • Improved alignment of staff towards delivering business value
  • Shifted mindset to take risks, fail fast, embrace change, and reduce waste
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