Enterprise Technical Architecture Program

Why Enterprise Architecture? Organizations of sufficient size and complexity need to organize themselves to make smart decisions, foster innovation, and avoid being overburdened by technical debt.

This program:

  • Engaged Gartner Consulting to outline a modern Enterprise Architecture framework that focused on coaching and steering
  • Established a Technical Architecture Committee with cross IT representation as a decision-making body that improved management of innovation and technical debt, and communicated standards
  • Documented a Technical Reference Architecture, a living document that included guardrails (Principles, Patterns, and Standards) for teams
  • Created a Center of Excellence to gather feedback from teams and help prioritize evolution
  • Organized guest speakers and Lunch and Learns to raise awareness of industry trends

Benefits included:

  • Clarified and communicated IT strategy
  • Formalized processes for establishing and evolving standards
  • Provided frameworks and authority that promoted and supported innovation
  • Identified, measured, and reduced technical debt
  • Increased consistency and re-use between solutions across teams leading to faster time to market
  • Improved alignment of staff towards common objectives
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