Enterprise JIRA Reporting

JIRA is a great issue tracking system and can be really critical for agile teams. Alas, out of the box reporting leaves a lot to be desired.

This project:

  • Provided several reports that could be run across multiple JIRA projects so that teams may maintain multiple JIRA projects, often one per software component, yet still view a holistic report relevant for the team, project budget, or developer.
  • Leveraged the Work Log feature in JIRA to build accurate Time Sheet reports based on actual activity spent on issues leading to more accurate time sheets and less administrative burden.
  • Encouraged appropriate use of JIRA using gamification resulting in teams adopting best practices and accurate reports.

Other benefits included:

  • Reports were used as an historical record, useful for SDLC artifacts, discussions with business sponsors, and performance reviews.
  • Sprint planning and monitoring across related JIRA projects were dramatically easier, enabling agile to scale.
  • Related JIRA issues, such as dependencies, were highlighted raising awareness and helping ensure the success of resolving issues.
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