People love the convenience of mobile ordering at home, but what about when they are away from home? Kozzet adds mobile ordering and chat services to any hospitality provider. It is a great addition to hotels & resorts, golf & country clubs, entertainment venues, and restaurants & cafés.

I founded the company:

  • Bootstrapped the corporate infrastructure; setup email, web site, phone service, accounting, and CRM
  • Developed a platform using cloud native architecture; created two mobile apps architected for global deployment: one for consumers, and the other for businesses
  • Leveraged Firebase and Google Cloud, and integrated Twilio and Stripe
  • Launched marketing campaigns using social media and print

Results included:

  • Sales growth
  • Improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty
  • Safer workplaces by enabling social distancing during a pandemic
  • Boosted appeal to tech savvy customers

Project link: https://Kozzet.com

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