Led a team to build Portfolio Risk Information System Management (PRISM), a global investment management platform that connects information, people and technology required to manage money in real time. It covered the full investment process across asset classes, including:

  • A single view of truth, updated in real time
  • Institutionalized business processes
  • Constituent level benchmark data and security analytics
  • Ability to analyze risk across multiple dimensions
  • Industry leading level of automation for portfolio compliance
  • Integration with trading networks
  • Straight Through Processing, including integration with brokers and custodians via SWIFT and FIX
  • GIPS performance reporting and performance attribution

Benefits included:

  • Improved collaboration across the globe 🌐
  • Dramatically lower costs due to compliance exceptions and scalability through automation 💰
  • Elevated reputation around portfolio compliance and risk management
  • Enhanced trade execution experience and lowered settlement risks 😃
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