Production Control

Many enterprises have thousands of automated jobs that run throughout the day and into the night that are critical to business operations. Monitoring these jobs 24x7 and dealing with failures used to require a team.

This project replaced manual job monitoring, alert escalation, and teleconference management with a fully automated solution.

  • Alarms were received from AutoSys and routed to the appropriate team to investigate and resolve
  • Workflow ensured that alarms were acknowledged and resolved
  • Architected for redundancy; backup controls were in place to ensure uninterrupted monitoring
  • Integrated with xMatters for alert escalation and teleconference management, using REST web services

Benefits included:

  • Lower costs; saved $1M per year 💰
  • Incident response times cut by 10 times ⏳
  • Less burden to staff being inconvenienced by off hour support 😃
  • Staff could customize how they were contacted, and teams could customize support rotations
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